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Learn how to create and add students to a class.

Create answer sheets up to 100 questions and up to 6 response choices with customization.

Create and customize answer sheet to include open ended questions, bubble questions, and directive text.

Use the question text and response choices on the same page. Customize and use multiple choice, true/false, written response or questions from the Lightning Grader Question Library.

Feel the power of Lightning Grader at 100 pages per minute. Rapidly review and score students work on written and typed responses. Make comments and provide feedback to students for work completed and question details.

Quickly turn a paper assessment into a digital resource and administer online using any web enabled devices. Get the most out of your 1-1 initiative and leverage desktops, laptops, and IPAD’s. Use bubble, flexible, or detailed assessment types. Monitor progress in real-time.

Lightning Grader offers 15 robust reports that provide clear, concise, and meaningful analytics. Review individual, class, and assessment performance.