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Faster Data,

Better Understanding,

Clearer Vision…

Passion for learning drives
efficiency in action because
lifelong learners can do
anything in life!

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How We Started

Lightning Grader was founded in 2010 by CEO and founder Elijah Stambaugh, a former junior high school math teacher. The Lightning Grader was created in response to an educator’s constant frustration in finding efficient ways to improve student achievement — without the time-consuming hassle of grading stacks of papers. Since launching in 2012, hundreds of teachers and schools have subscribed and become believers! As an assessment tool, Lightning Grader is rapidly transforming the learning experience in schools committed to increasing student achievement.

Company Mission

The mission of Lightning Grader is to transform the learning experience and help educators increase student achievement. Increasing student achievement in turn helps students increase their potential to succeed and contribute to the success of their communities.